Treasure Hunt – Linda – ElitePain

Our latest game format, the Treasure Hunt, has released a new episode. In this format, players are required to collect Treasure Chests from the game board fields. The more Treasure Chests a player collects, the higher the prize she might win: $250, $500, $1000, $2000, or $5000. While searching for these treasures, players must face various painful punishments. These punishments depend on what the player discovers under the fields she reveals during the game. If a player completes the upcoming punishment round, she can choose to stop at any prize level. However, there Is one exception: If a player finds the fifth Treasure Chest, she Instantly wins $5000. Throughout this game, some dramatic events unfold. To fully grasp the girls’ motivation, we recommend watching Tatjana’s interview, which we have included as an extra after the main film.

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