Time Out (Strict Edition) – 05.08.23

In this strict bondage stream, your favorite computer guru Dart Tech makes an appearance as he secures Greyhound in some tight, strict bondage compliments of some heavy duty leather restraints! Watch as Greyhound has her ankles cuffed and secured to the sides of the bed frame, then gets put into a heavy and wide leather collar and leather bondage mitts before having her upper arms and wrists locked into two more sets of heavy leather cuffs which are then secured tightly to the sides of the bed frame, her bondage is then completed by two straps across her stomach and upper thighs. Now secured tightly in her bondage, a completely immobile Greyhound is left all alone in her isolation cell with no chance of getting herself free. After spending some time in her bondage a large ball gag is soon added to the mix to make her suffer even more in this must see stream!

559 MB | 1280 x 718 | mp4 | 01:45:22

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