Testing An Untouched Teen – Ariana’s Debut – Graias

Say ‘hello’ to Ariana, a 19-year-old decent girl. Ariana wants to prove her bravery and has attended a testing movie in the holy dungeon of Graias Studio. She knows BDSM only from porn movies and has never tried it before. Moreover, she even doesn’t know whether she has got any desire to be a BDSM model, for she has never got a chance to meet her own pain threshold. Soon Dr Lomp will examine her with various initial punishment instruments, thus both the punisher and the victim will see if Ariana has sufficient potential to take more roles in Graias. Now take your seat and enjoy the fresh natural beauty Ariana meets the true pain under Dr Lomp’s supervision.

808 MB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:13:09

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