Straightjacket Predicament – 11.07.21

In this great predicament stream, Greyhound goes another round on the devious pipe ladder! The last time we saw our little creature bound in the pipe ladder she was bound by her wrists and ankles to the frame but this time around a heavy canvas straightjacket gets added to the mix. Bound tightly in the straightjacket and secured nicely to the metal frame, a gagged Greyhound is forced to balance her feet precariously on the narrow pipe at the bottom of the frame, a task made even more difficult when the reciprocating fucking machine pressed to her asshole comes to life. As the machine works it’s magic and thrusts a large dildo in and out of her ass, a helpless Greyhound shakes and quivers in the frame while her pussy uncontrollably drips from excitement! Featuring some outstanding close up camera work from Dart Tech this is one hot video you don’t want to miss!

445 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:54:25

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