Rebel Rhyder – Red Knees, Red Ass, Red Rock

I’m starting to feel like Dr. Who as I jump back and forth in time between so many out-of-this-world moments. But now that I’ve shared some of my adventures from my recent trip to the South, I want to go back and share more of the remaining awesomeness from my Western trip in 2019.

On day 2 of my visit to the Utah/Colorado border area with Rebel and Brooke, I had Brooke do some filming on the second camera while I dominated Rebel in a vast, magnificent wilderness of red clay and snow-striped canyons. I manned the heavy, anamorphic first camera myself with help from an anti-gravity vest. Make no mistake about it: this was a hard session. Rebel crawled in bondage over the rocky landscape for a long time, eating out of her ass many times along the way and taking numerous blows from my boot and singletail whip. There was also plenty of anal fucking, rimming, and face fucking. Oh, and lots of beautiful moments, including a smiling, rather wrecked girl walking into the sun.

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