Rebel Rhyder – Gagging On The Light

It had been a heck of a day with Rebel and Brooke. But after day comes night, and we can’t leave the night less exciting than the day, can we?

The property we rented was so massive that it had almost a huge section of river to itself. I was a bit tired and decided to keep things simple. So I grabbed one camera (the big anamorphic beauty machine I’d been developing), a couple of regular lights, and a light stick, and went to down to the water with Rebel for a quick bondage and facefuck session.

The beach was less than freezing–twenty-four degrees, to be precise. Rebel wore a heated baselayer, and I wore a hat and heated gloves. Full nudity was not a safe option, but I at least got to see Rebel’s butt and play with it a bit.

It’s hard to explain what happened next. The night was so beautiful, I got inspired and started to direct Rebel to carve out a piece of the sky for me with the light stick, if that makes any sense. And somehow she ended up gagging on the light stick. It looked cool and sounded cool, but there in the moment, it was also beyond that. It was rude, wrong, a bit creepy, and also just really lovely. Eventually, of course, I facefucked her and fed her some cum too. This was a succinct outing that capture a lot of different tones and feelings.

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