Pretty Pup – 06.28.21

In this fun interactive stream, our little creature chats with Bondage Life members while she dolls herself up in her new blonde wig then transforms herself into a pretty little pup! After waving to the camera and saying hello to members, our obedient little creature turns around and presents her ass to the camera before she gets to the task at hand. Greyhound carefully places her new beautiful blonde wig on her head and positions it on her wig cap, once it’s in position our little creature adds a beautiful pink bow to her wig before completing her pretty pup look with her dog muzzle. Now nicely muzzled, our playful little pup shows off her tail, poses for the camera and even barks to conclude this fun interactive stream!

247 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 01:00:23

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