PascalsSubSluts – Leya Falcon Of Course She Fits All Of Richard (04.22.22)

Your definitely remember Leya Falcon; she got butt-fucked by a bouquet of flowers her fist time here. Leya has truly spoiled us, even with our pruriently high-standards. Like, if you give a girl flowers and she doesn’t put them up her ass, it’s just a waste of romance. Leya is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting things to fit into her ample ass, and this time around, it will be every inch of Mr. Richard Mann. Leya is not only a PSS favorite, she’s a pornstar’s pornstar – a well-seasoned size queen with a can-do attitude and a magic asshole. She manifested an AVN – the porno Oscar – by first putting one up her ass, and lo and behold, she won her very own. She describes herself as an “Erotic Comedy Artist” and carries herself as such. But don’t let her ditzy demeanor fool you. She’ll be graduating from university – with honors, bitch!

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