Morning Shave – 06.14.21

It’s morning ritual time at The Ranch and this time around you get an up close and personal view of our little creature with the camera placed just inside the bars of her cage! To begin this special edition stream, Greyhound gives you a close up view of her worthless pussy and butt plug then kneels obediently in her cage and reads her rules then lays on her back once again and spreads her legs while she removes and cleans her butt plug. After taking a few sips of water from her special calf feeder bottle, our little creature gets to the main task at hand and shaves her head nice and smooth then eagerly presents her mouth to the camera. As her morning ritual winds down, Greyhound lays on her back with her legs nicely spread again and playfully drinks water from her calf feeder then squats over the bottom of her cage and relieves herself down into the tray below before finally spreading out her blanket in the bottom of her cage and curling up for a nap!

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