KinkClassics – Alani Pi, Asphyxia Noir, Cassandra Nix, Tia Ling, Nerine Mechanique – Devious Devices: Top Five Scenes Directed By Claire Adams (Remastered) (04.08.22)

There was a time when Claire Adams directed Device Bondage. She thoughtfully created brutal and creative predicaments. She administered torment and anxiety that produced screams that probably still echo in the basement of The Armory. These are five scenes out of so many, that Claire has directed for Kink. Alani Pi is strapped on her back to a wooden frame with a Sybian bound to her pussy. She screams in pain and in pleasure through her taped shut mouth as Claire puts metal clips, barely on the skin of her arms and legs. Nerine Mechanique get suspended upside-down in a metal device designed to keep her legs spread. Her wrists are bound behind her back. Claire stretches Nerine’s labia with clover clamps attached to string and then flogs her ass and legs. Cassandra Nix lays bound inside a metal cage with an inflatable dildo stuck in her pussy. Claire flogs her perky tits and then covers them in hot wax. Tia Ling is trapped underneath metal pipes with her legs spread in a jack-hammer position. A ball gag is stuck in her mouth. Claire canes her pussy, clamps her labia, and fucks her ass. Asphyxia Noir is bent over backwards with a gasmask on. Claire makes two brutal heart shaped zippers out of metal clips and string. Claire pulls the clips off as she cums and her muffled screams are barley heard through the mask.

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