KinkClassics – Adriana Chechik: The Training Of A Model Or A Slave? (Training Of O Remastered – Day 1-3) (05.20.24)

On day one, Adriana Chechik is stripped naked and degraded into a puddle of erotic humiliation for your amusement. We then begin the process of putting the pieces back together – just the way we want them. Watch us mind-fuck this silly slut into realizing she actually has a say in what she is to learn during her four days of slave training.

On day two, her fear of the dark intrigues me, so I lock a box on her head and make her search for the key hanging in plain sight as I torment her tender flesh. I hear the muted whimpers through the head-box and it warms my heart to know she is in there all by herself. Before she can recover, I jam her throat full of thick gimp-cock and show her exactly the way I want to see it done. She sucks and slurps like a good little cock-sucker. My pride swells with each gag. She says she likes it in the ass now, and I take full advantage by ordering her into a tormenting reverse cowgirl anal fuck. This is the position that separates the wannabes from real thing. Is she a model, or a slave?

On day three, I put her between a rock and a hard place – she has to choose between the vibe on high, jammed against her throbbing cunt, or the cattle prod. I honestly don’t know what this teaches her, but the sadist in me finds it extremely amusing to watch her struggle between the two. She’s got the gimp’s cock stuffed down her greedy throat before we even get a chance to finish prepping the scene and roll. Watching her chug that thick cock meat down makes me think evil thoughts, and I begin to formulate how to best get her tight little asshole fucked. She is no anal-slut yet but she is well on her way. Her fresh little asshole got fucked for the first time on the Upper Floor only a couple of weeks earlier, and I don’t expect a whole lot but the gimp’s huge dick puts her fine fucking ass to the test.

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