Katarina – bolero pumping

Katarina is a prime Hu Cow with her big natural udders. The farmer loves her too, because Katarina is not just a perfect Hu Cow physically, but also mentally. She gets visibly horny from any udder and nipple interaction, even though she hates to show it to the farmer as he will use this against her. Katarina is a bit playful but also unruly at times. She can be seen swinging her huge udders, ringing her big cow bell, even playing with her nipple clamps. But when the farmer uses any milking machine, it seems Katarina wants to always pull off the cups, afraid she will get visibly horny. This bolero style straitjackets leaves the udders exposed and stops HuCows from interfering with the machinery. Katarina even tries to swith off the pump with her feet, but the farmer is too fast for her. There’s nothing she can do against this pumping arousal, Katarina is literally dripping at the end!!

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