BondageLiberation – Just Take It

MsSpentYouth is a sexy MILF who is eager to jump into Elise’s medical restraints! Outfitted in a tight rubber catsuit and a fitted leather Christopher Fetish hood, MsSpentYouth receives Elise’s focused attention on her very exposed pussy. First, Elise spreads her pussy wide open with a Steelwerks pussy spreader in order to get a good look at the landscape. Then Elise uses her rubber gloved hand to drive MsSpent crazy. Watch as she wiggles around in her restraints. There is no escape. Elise then uses clamps to spread that pussy open, moving on to teasing with a vibrator. MsSpent’s moans are super sexy, which makes Elise want to make her moan more! The pleasure is unavoidable for MsSpent – not that she minds :)

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