BondageLiberation – JimmyUSMC and Elise Graves – Unrelenting Orgasms Part 1

Oh my! I knew I loved playing with JimmyUSMC, as he is a true lover of bondage who can’t get enough! So it wasn’t a complete surprise that he was interested in also topping, as bondage freaks tend to want it all! After he tightly laced me into a single arm binder, buckled my head harness and secured my legs, I began to suspect that the I might be seeing a new side of him emerge. Upon hooking my ass and tying it to my head harness, I was certain that things were only just beginning! Indeed, what followed was over an hour and a half of relentless, growling orgasms, dildo fucking and sexy hand choking! This video is merely the first half hour or so of this intense scene. I swear to god, I must have had 200 orgasms at the hands of the very sexy JimmyUSMC. Life is good! Stay tuned for the rest of this scene!

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