InfernalRestraints – Beverly Hills – Bubbles (INSEX – Remastered) (04.27.21)

Beverly was awesome in her previous shoot, and now, she wants more. Let’s go with full metal contraptions. Can I build a “chair” out of 3/4″ kee klamps and a grooming bench that will hold her head very still. Thus the shoot opens with her trussed in the chair. An anal probe plies her nether with electrical pulses throbbing her sphincter. She is isolated with only the stimulation of her asshole. After a half-hour I begin to apply the rubber implements to her head. The contraptions now focus her attention on the fumes that wind their way into her brain. A chemical stimulation is beyond what she can imagine. Yet, we as beast begin our rituals with pheromones. She is thus primed with the scent.

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