InfernalRestraints – Calico – Opus (INSEX – Remastered) (12.06.23)

After spending time locked in a triangular metal device concocted by PD. Young, tender Calico is seated on a bed of spikes. Mr. Pogo gives her a morning fuck, first in the cunt then the ass. Afterward, cold metal plugs her ass. A whip hits her pussy, then a vibrator on her clit. After all of that, Calico begs to come, but PD pulls the vibrator away. Not today, he says. He walks away.

Humiliation follows humiliation. She’s exercised, led around by the mouth a metal gag with chain attached. She creeps about like some kind of animal. Then it’s cocksucking practice. Calico ends up with a face smeared with drool.

All that came before has been a method, a preparation for the coup de grace, a new gizmo fresh from the mind of PD. Calico’s locked in a wooden box. Only her head sticks out. Screw clamps, hooks, and tighteners press, stretch, and manipulate her head and face. The vibrator returns, pressing against her pussy. This time she comes but unwisely doesn’t tell him.

PD exacts his revenge. The vibrator runs at high speed. Calico makes sounds of distress. He plugs her mouth and leaves.

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