InfernalRestraints – Cowgirl & 822 – Cow Barn (INSEX – Remastered) (03.15.23)

My dreams curdle the night, the heavy, wet November night. Outside, the rustle of corn in the fields, silage of dreams, of a man’s want. And inside, my boner poking up against the sheet. Lightening far off, breaking out the night. The whispering of the house, conversations of ghosts. And the howls. That pack of dogs is come sniffing around the barn again. They always know when I got me another girl.

I got me two of them a couple days ago, their pussies ripe and glittery-wet like jewels, nipples as tight and hard as nuggets, cold enough to ripple the skin. November’s got a chill around these parts. When a girl shivers it bones me up fat and hard, strong enough to squirt.

Ripe pussy. Oh yes. You got to ripen a cunt. You don’t pick a cunt from the vine till it’s bursting, till it’s just perfect, young and tender and wide-eyed, with silky breasts and smooth white ass and oh those cold, tight tits that are enough to make you piss your pants. You grab that piece of pussy when she’s not looking, and stuff her mouth, and tape a plastic bag over her head. Then you tie her arms and legs so tight that pussy can’t wiggle a toe or twitch a finger. You make her hurt with rope.

Then you got to improve the flavor. You got to hang that pussy in the barn a day or two, let the ropes do their work. You tie your new pussy spread-eagle wide and tight, then cane her ass and those bulbous pale drupes, those pussy boobs. You spank and slap. You soften that pussy up.

Yep. That first night when I was lying here in bed, I could hear them both a-sobbing and moaning. That brought the dogs nosing the barn door, whining and clawing the padlock, scaring them two girls enough to make them cream, was my guess. I left the two of them up in the hay mow, one tied down on her back to a corn crib, the other dangling above so’s she’d piss the face of that younger brat. Oh she was a fighter, that one. But I wrung it out of her.

Yesterday a cold wind was running down through the west field. I tossed that cunt in the bucket of my tractor and drove her out to the rocks. I chained her legs spread wide, and then screwed a brank into that sassy mouth. When the dogs found her, I bet they had a party sniffing and licking and nipping at her all night long. I like the thought of them dogs sticking their wet snouts in her fancy girl crotch and humping her any which way.

That works like a charm. After a night of that, any piece of ass will do exactly as I want. I had already made those two cunts suck each other’s pussy. I hung one upside down against the other. I made them suck right, till both their faces was creamy and sticky and smelled like cunt.

I moved them around in the dark tonight. Dangled the one head down from the blade of my backhoe. Transporting of pussy is easy if you got yourself a decent tractor.

Why do I do it? Cause its lots of fun. Besides, it gets me hard, so hard my dick cracks a cunt like I’m a butcher and splitting a side of beef right smack down the middle.

Lying in bed and thinking about what I’ve been doing to them makes me even harder. I reach down beside the bed and jerk on a chain. Her head pops up, the one that had such a sassy mouth before. I still got her wrists and ankles tied so that she’s no trouble. There’s nothing worse than a troublesome piece of pussy. But she knows what to do now. I throw the quilt off my rock hard cock. Ah. Nice, warm girl mouth on my big pecker, the flicking of her tongue over the stiff head, her lips sliding up and down. She’s got a good mouth, this one, wide and deep enough for everything I got.

She’s getting there. Another night chained out to that rock and by god, she’ll fall all over herself to do anything I want. I’ll stuff my whole cock in her mouth and tell her to work that mouth and tongue like a good cunt is supposed to work. I’ll make her sleep with my balls in her mouth. And when I’m eating, I’ll have her kneel under the table and hold my cock in her mouth just to keep it warm and hard.

Ahh. Girl mouth and the heavy, wet night. Distant thunder. And when I come, bright lights, whispers in the walls and floors. Good ripe pussy. Soft pussy. Uncut silage rustling in the fields, silage of dream. Wet girl mouth, slick tongue, damp cunt ready and waiting.

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