BrutalMaster – SufHer – I’M A Cunt (01.26.24)

She Just Arrived In HELL! And She’s Already Strung Up

These are the first few moments of SufHer in HELL! for her first time. She crawled into the studio and strung up seconds later and then the whipping started. The cunt had never been whipped before, not like this. And during the ordeal when BrutalMaster asked her what she was, she simply replied, “I’m a cunt.”

And then she said it again.

And then it became a mantra, “I’m a cunt, I’m a Cunt, I’m a CUNT!” It almost sounded as if she was realizing it for the first time. But that couldn’t really be the case because clearly she always knew she is a cunt, why else would she be in HELL!, right?

Let’s not get too deep, Sufher is a cunt, and that is a good enough reason to work her over.

Stick around after the credits for a little extra behind the scenes look at the aftermath of the cunt’s torture.

SufHer, I’m a Cunt, enjoy!

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