InfernalRestraints – Catherine De Sade – Piss Bucket (INSEX – Remastered) (12.22.21)

It began in 2007. She came through the studio door primed and ready. She even choose her nom de plume as the signature statement for what she craved. “Catherine De Sade” Its now 2009 and I’m ready. I have a few choice pieces that she will have a ride in. The first is the “throne” crafted out of Hemlock pine. Its composition is ideal for hand tools and I wanted to build with only mortise, tenons, pegs, and wedges for joinery. As a theatrical requirement this allowed it to be completely disassembled for transport. She is lead to the throne with her head tightly laced in a hand crafted leather hood with only nose holes. This will increase the excitement that she craves. Catherine loves to scene and does not want to know what is coming. She can always signal a stop — but I don’t recall her ever doing so. A real enthusiast is a deep challenge for a handler, especially layered with the recording process. Fortunately these cleaver hand crafted devices will offer great support. On the throne the shackles grip her ankles tightly. She will not be able to close her legs. For those areas that are not accessible the throne is lined with sharp pegs that will enhance her squirm. She waits. After a couple of hours of abandonment in the throne she will crave any attention. It begins — shots of the single tail on her exposed pubes. The trust and intimacy that well played BDSM scenes offer is beyond all accolades. Many come back for more.

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