InfernalRestraints – 49, 412 (aka J.P, Kitty) – Farm 4 (INSEX – Remastered) (04.27.22)

The farmer in black strikes again and continues with his mission to transform spoiled city girls into wet, wanton bondage sluts. Stolen from their comfortable homes, 49, 412, and 731 are first introduced to PD’s barn. While 49 stands with arms held in strappado, 412 wallows in the moldy hay below. 731, dragged out to join the others, is folded into a ball tie and pulled close to watch as 49 is stripped and her bare pussy is beaten. Bent over with necks tied to a ladder and ankles bound together, the girls take advantage of their moment alone to discuss their predicament. Still shocked by their situation, they fail to notice the coincidental similarity of their numerical names. Choking and gasping, they struggle as their backs ache and legs weaken. Returning, PD administers a good ass beating to distract them from their other problems. In order to save her own butt, each girl must choose the flogger’s next recipient. They endure their pain stoically in order to save their friends. Satisfied with their teary faces and red asses, PD leaves them to keep each other company once again. Separated from the others, 49 is walked outside and tied down straddling a metal house. The sharp-pointed roof digs into her crotch, but there is nothing she can do to relieve the pressure. After her painful ride, she is locked inside the house and left to wonder what comes next. A harsh hogtie serves as a welcome change, despite the itchy hay that irritates her skin. Done using her, PD stuffs a gag in 49’s mouth and shoves her back into her box, locking her away for the night. Stretched out in a cage, 731 is faced with a different dilemma. Sweating and restless under the hot summer sun, she waits anxiously to be released. Approaching in chains, 412 arrives to take care of her, offering water and fingering her burning clit. Task completed, 412 clanks away, leaving 731 to enjoy her solitary confinement. With morning’s long-awaited arrival, 49 is released from her house only to be bound into another grueling situation. Spread-eagled and staked out, she is powerless against PD’s roaming hands and the additional ropes that squeeze brutally against her neck and crotch. Later, still reclined in her cage, 731 is dragged behind the tractor to follow PD as he performs his daily chores. 412, alone in the barn, switches between the awkward positions her bondage allows, wishing for any alternative torment. Soon enough, 412’s wish is granted; stuffed into a barrel, she takes a bumpy roll down a hill. At the bottom, she is tied over the barrel with legs spread, leaving her holes open and available. PD takes exploits the inviting position, stuffing a hook in her ass and using a dildo to fuck her cunt. After smacking her exposed backside with the elephant trunk, he leaves her there, whimpering with holes filled. Hanging in the barn balanced on tiptoe, 49 begs for a change. So she is crammed into a tiny cage with head also enclosed in metal. Suspended, she is at PD’s mercy as he heats her feet with a lighter and penetrates her mouth and cunt with a dildo. She’s left impaled on the dildo to relish her captivity. Put to work after her rest, 49 rolls a 412-filled barrel into the barn. Forced to totter atop it with the support of a noose, 49 begs her friend not to move, choking desperate pleas as she strangles. But eventually 412 becomes restless and shifts the barrel while readjusting her position, leaving 49 hanging. Rolling back, 412 replaces the barrel just in time for PD’s arrival. Locked back in her cage, 49 looks on and uselessly protests as 412 is tied and tortured. Fettered upside down in an X, 412 is spread and ready for a dose of pain and pleasure. Finally, after enjoying a couple of days of good old fashioned farm fun, 49 and 412 give into their true nature. Bound side by side with legs spread and tied overhead, the two girls drip with anticipation and moan with desire as PD finally gives them the release they need.

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