Enslaved Chick – Jasmine Waterfall’s Debut – Part 2 – Graias

Now the action is starting for Jasmine. In the previous part of the serial, she has passed the pretest, and Dr Lomp decides to pick the level of pain up some further. Poor girl’s tears are ready to drop in her uneasy eyes. She is cuffed and restrained to the whipping post, and is waiting for the dish which Dr Lomp has prepared in his sadistic mind. She will soon taste the gentle kiss of various whips on her pure flesh. Dr Lomp has forbidden any resisting words from Jasmine’s sexy lips, thus the obedient slave girl will scream and weep, but never get her master disappointed. You, Graias fans, will enjoy young porn star Jasmine Waterfall learning to be a good girl with a pair of wet eyes.

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