BondageLiberation – Edging Elise

If there is one thing I love inflicting on others, it is teasing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE taking a person to the edge, begging me to give them more. While spending a week in Canada with my kinky friends, there was a LOT of me teasing of others, and on our final day at Max Cita’s, my friends Dart_Tech and J decided to get me back! I was strapped into Max’s Segufix restraint bed, while dressed in latex and ballet boots. Dart_Tech inserted a Stanley Jr. electro plug into my pussy while J began the teasing! The two of them skillfully gave me orgasms before the edging began! Dart_Tech uses a Hitachi to repeatedly bring me to the edge of orgasm, only to take it away before I could orgasm! This happens again and again until I am apologizing for teasing them and begging to orgasm! This was my first experience actually being edged, and I have to say it was HOT!

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