Dressup The Greyhound – 08.02.21

In this great interactive stream, Greyhound chats with members as she shows off her bondage toy collection and engages in a little bondage dress up time. After showing off her butt plug collection and inserting one of them into her ass, she begins taking requests from the Bondage Life members as to what bondage gear she should wear and soon finds herself a nice breast harness, a heavy steel collar with matching bondage belt. She soon shows off her beautiful pony boots before slipping into a cute pair of black heels, she then shows off her new bondage bench before placing herself in a nice harness gag. As the stream concludes, she straps her feet into her very restrictive ballet splints then walks around in them before following one last request by locking herself in the standing cage!

201 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:51:21