Xtremely-Tight – Diamondly Tied Up in the Dungeon by Her Stalker JJ Plush

The 18 years young Diamondly got grabbed on the street by her kinky stalker JJ. During this beautiful afternoon JJties up cute Diamondly in her forecourt to let her enjoy a bit the beautiful weather. Diamondly struggles hogtied and tightly ballgagged in nude pantyhose, a blue bodysuit and a red tight skirt. She struggles and tries to escape until she successfully removes the rope around her feet. Quickly she takes the chance and runs down barfoot the gateway. Unfortunately she runs strait into JJ which just arrived home from the grocery store. JJ shout to Diamondly she should move her ass up there again and orders her to put back her nude high heels. Diamondly follows the order then she is clearly scared what will happens next. JJ brings Diamondly in her dungeon where she puts her in a strict stapado. Then she removes diamondlys red skirt and slaps her cute butt. But this is not enough punishment. JJ puts Diamondly in a nasty crotchrope which she connects to the dungeons door, then she ties up all her leg and put some painful nipple clamps ond diamondlys small boobs. After letting her suffer for a while JJliberate Diamondly from the stapado. But she isnt finished. JJ ties up harder Diamondlys elbows and orderes her to go on her knees. Then JJ leaves the room saying she ll come back later. So Diamondly has no other choice then struggel and suffer in JJs tight ropes. Shes moaning throw her tight ballgag, but she knows nobody will come to safe her. JJ comes back and puts Diamondly on her belly where she ties up her feet and leg again. To humiliate Diamondly she throws her panties on Diamondlys face. Then she removes her ballgag and asks Diamondly to apologize her misbehaviour and promise never to runa way again. But Diamondly will never stop to escape her crazy stalker so JJ stuffs Diamondlys mouth with her used panties and wrap a lot of microfoam tape tightly all around her head. Like that Diamondly is again f0rced to suffer. She isnt doing a lot of noices anymore …just a silent mhhhggggg and light movements while JJ puts her in a strict hogtie. For making sure Diamondly will not escape this time JJ also puts a tight rope over Diamondlys stuffed and taped mouth, which is connected to her feet.

In the end of the video Diamondly shows us how she removes her tapegag and takes the wet big pantie out of her mouth.

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