Date Night Dressup – 09.20.21

In this fun stream, Greyhound plays a little dress up as she gets ready for a date night! Our little creature starts things off by walking into camera view on her tiptoes wearing only a sexy blonde wig and nothing else, she plays to the camera and does a few playful twirls before taking the standing present position from several angles before kneeling on the floor and licking her butt plug before inserting it into her ass. Moving on to the task at hand, she then straps a thin leather belt around her waist and two matching straps around her upper thighs and connects them with a chain before putting on a very sexy breast harness. After adding another chain to her bondage she plays to the camera again before licking and worshipping her stiletto heels before putting them on, then wraps up this fun stream by slipping into a sexy little black dress and posing for the camera before showing off her obedience by dropping to her knees and presenting her mouth for use!

141 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:48:56

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