Cunt Clamps – 05.16.22

Your favorite creature gets her cunt clamped and teased while getting in some much needed cage time! Our little creature starts out with her arms bound behind her back while locked in the vertical standing cage, she soon gets released from that cage and is ordered to crawl into her regular cage head first leaving her pussy and ass nicely exposed to the camera. After having her hands chained to the top of the cage while still bound behind her back she then has her ass plugged which is also secured to the top of the cage with a chain. After having 4 different pussy clamps attached to her outer labias and are then nicely secured to the sides of the cage leaving her pussy open and exposed, eventually the clamps are removed and the door to the cage gets closed and locked leaving Greyhound nicely stored away for the rest of the day.

324 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:27:18

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