Captive Chrissy Marie 0467 – The Audition

XXXX, XXXX, XXXX. Chrissy wrapped again on the front door. Again there was no answer. She looked down at the flyer in her hand “Open Audition for Female Model, Adult Erotic Art Shoot, 10:00 AM”. Again she looked at her watch. She was on time and had the right address. She was dressed to win the part. Thin white cotton crop top, no bra, her magnificent nipples standing at attention. Her shortest miniskirt and her highest heels. She reached out and tried the doorknob. It was open. Slowly she swung the door open and entered. The living room was spacious with modern decorations, soft couches and gleaming hardwood floors. “Is anyone home? I’m here for the audition.” she called out and got no answer. She began to scan around the room. The atmosphere seemed to draw her in. There was something sensual even animalistic about the room. The decorations were bold, masculine, and powerful. Chrissy felt drawn in. Her gaze fell on a large wicker basket that seemed to have a bright silver chain dangling from it. She reached out and pulled on it. The lid came open and to her amazement it was filled to the brim with all kinds of bondage gear. Chrissy impulsively kept pulling on the chain and to her amazement at the end was the largest handcuff she had ever seen. She played with it for a few moments trying it on her wrist and finally decided it was a neck cuff. Curiosity won out over caution and she decided to try it on. She found the key, tested it to make sure it would unlock and slowly put it around her neck. Click, click, click she closed it home. Getting more excited with every ratchet. Until it was tight enough, maybe a bit too tight. A thrill surged through her body. She pinched her nipples. She was amazed at how hard they were. She felt her crotch. It was getting wet. She must have more.

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