BrutalMaster – Slave Filth – Busted Barn Balloons (01.04.24)

25 Years Of Agony in HELL! Begins With Slave Filth

Slave Filth kicks off our 25 Anniversary Celebration with a truly brutal, cruel session in the barn. The cunt’s head is freshly shaved, and she is bound to the cow stalls with her huge udders tightly bound. That alone might be more than so many cunts could handle, but not this bitch. That is just the beginning.

Standing on her recently caned bare feet on the rough barn board floor, the cunt’s painbags are beaten over and over with a cane just to remind the piece of meat that this is what she deserves.

As the tears roll down her face and the snot bubbles out of her nose, this slave paints the picture of what a piece-of-shit whore truly is, just a bag of pain and agony for your amusement.

This is the perfect way to celebrate a quarter century of HELL!

Slave Filth and her Busted Barn Balloons

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