BrutalMaster – Peril – Your Cunt Is A Target (05.15.23)

Peril Back In HELL!

The title says it all, Peril is bound to an old army medical surgical table and while her tits are pierced with needles and she is immobilized, there real target of all this is her well used cunt. And what a target it is.

She readily admitted she had not been tortured in a long time so that made all this even more painful. Truly, agony would not be too harsh a word for what the bitch endured.

As the cane came into contact with that delicate meat between her legs, you could see it getting redder and angrier with every lash. That is when the bitch started to scream and cry.

This is what happens to cunts, even smart cunts, in HELL! Peril knows her Cunt Is A Target.

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