BrutalMaster – It – Penance Punishment (05.18.23)

It Humiliated, Degraded, Tortured

It needs pain, punishment, and most of all to be completely objectified. That is its nature, its essence, its entire reason to exist. It is not human, not in any real sense. It is an object that’s here to suffer for your amusement.

You may not be able to imagine this thing’s life, hooded, shackled, pissing in a bucket, not even being able to see what is around it, who is around, what is around it.

Its speech is restricted to grunts. It is allowed to moan when being tortured. It is often cages or gimped to completely restrict its movement. It is not human.

So, from cage, to bucket for pissing, to kneeling on the dirty floor, to the penance bench for punishment, and from there to soaring agony.

This is a very special knotted whip. It does not look like much but it is absolute agony for this worthless little cunt. It leaves brutal marks and it is vengeance for a piece of shit like It.

This is not a human being, this is not a person, this is not someone to show mercy, this is an object that exists to endure the most extreme.

This is It and Penance Punishment

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