BrutalMaster – Dog – Worked Over (02.08.24)

Two sadists, no waiting… for agony!

With our friend Bosh on the whip, Dog is worked over in the most brutal fashion. Bullwhipped as she dances around in agony. This cunt understands that it is not so much she deserves to suffer, as it is merely a fact that she suffers. And she suffers for your amusement. Her agony is just a bit of entertainment for you to enjoy, regardless of how much pain she may be in. That is the nature of a masochistic object.

The pain, the agony, is relentless as the whip lands on her over and over again.

The pain of torture is only enhanced by the humiliation of being nothing but a torture toy for the amusement of everyone watching. And, of course, there are two sadists working over this bitch, a sort of double feature of torment.

This is HELL!, that is why Dog is simply Worked Over like the piece of shit she is.

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