BrutalMaster – Dirty Chai – Filthy Penance (02.21.24)

Such A Dirty Cunt

Dirty Chai may be the, well, dirtiest cunt to ever be degraded in HELL! In this session, the whore is bound to the Penance Bench for a beating. She wears a cruel gag and her filthy asshole is plugged as well.

Then the beating begins with a braided whip which looks almost harmless until you see the cruel marks it leaves. During all this, the cunt is whimpering and moaning and reminding us that she completely understands why she is in HELL!

While still bound, the plug comes out of her ass and yet another humiliation is in store for her.

This is a true piece of meat who understands that HELL! is the place for her.

Dirty Chai’s Filthy Penance, just for you.

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