BrutalMaster – Chienne – And Then He Pissed On Her (02.14.24)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cunt

So much has happened to Chienne since coming to HELL! but this may be the most painful and degrading of all. The cunt, and she is a cunt, is chained to the one-plank rack. It is rough and punishing all by itself, but that is just the beginning.

Once secured, the whore is beaten, whipped, and tortured. You can see the look of resignation and anguish on its face-cunt, but the indignities have only begun for this piece of shit.

Chienne knows the one place she belongs is suffering in HELL! She has had a plug in her filthy ass-cunt for a long time so, of course, it is time to clean it off and what better place than a whore’s mouth.

Once off the rack, the bitch crawls to the drain in HELL!’s Dungeon where BrutalMaster urinates on her to remind her that she is nothing, as if she needed reminding.

Enjoy the absolute degradation of this cunt, Chienne, And Then He Pissed On Her.

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