BrutalMaster – Blossom – Hung Up in HELL! Episode II So Much Blood (06.09.22)

They say the sequel is never as good as the original but that is simply not true in this case. This is part two of Blossom Hung Up In HELL! and it is even more intense than part one. Of course, this is not really a sequel, the agony is merely continuing for Blossom.

As you can see, the cunt is now bleeding from her hooked udders. In fact, we call this episode “So Much Blood,” because the whore is literally dripping blood onto the dungeon floor.

Once down from the suspension, she is made to pick up the suspension bar using the hooks still in he udders. During all this the piece-of-shit is whipped with the lethal Asmodeus Whip, by far the most brutal whip in HELL!

No brutal torture of this nature is complete without the bitch’s own blood used to illustrate exactly what she is. This cunt actually winds up rolling her fact in her own bloody pool to further her own humiliation and degradation. And just a reminder, this was all Blossom’s sick idea.

Someone described all this as classic BrutalMaster and we have to agree, Blossom is a classic masochistic cunt in Hung Up In HELL! So Much Blood.

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