BrutalMaster – Blossom – Hung Up in HELL! (06.02.22)

Blossom in back in HELL! and this time brutality reigns. So we are clear, this entire ordeal was this bitch’s idea and her idea was simple.

Be hung by her (stupid small) tits via steel hooks.

When the cunt suggested this we just looked at her and said…

“Sure, that might be mildly amusing.”

Making worthless meatholes suffer, bleed, beg, and cry is pretty much what we call Tuesday in HELL!

But this is special because anytime we have a cunt debase herself by suggesting some extreme abuse, we just love that. By now you know there is not much this piece of meat won’t do, won’t suffer, won’t beg for. That is what it means to be a Slave of HELL! and that is what Blossom has become.

She confides to us that HELL! is the one place she knows she belongs and that says everything about this worthless cunt.

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