BrutalMaster – Lita Lecherous – I’m Not Just a Person, I’m A Hole (11.15.21)

It is hard to know where to begin with this one. You know Lita Lecherous from previous sadistic sessions. But those were at the Bondage Life Ranch. Lita has suffered at the hands of BrutalMaster but never before in HELL!

So this was a bit of an event. It is unusual for a bitch to have been tortured by BrutalMaster but never been to HELL!

To make it extra special, she was put onto a caning table and her ass was striped, well striped. It did not take long for the cunt to begin crying. But that was only the warmup. Lita may be the ultimate ATM Queen, and she certainly is in HELL! She brought her “Slink” butt plug…well, “plug” may not be the right word. It is more of a butt rooter (as in Roto-Rooter). This think just kept going in and in and in Lita’s clearly very used asshole. By far the deepest penetration ever in HELL!

And when it came out, you know exactly where it went, directly into her whore mouth for a good cleaning. This is an example of a bitch that knows her purpose and worth exactly.

We know you are going to love seeing Lita Lecherous being torture, degraded, and exhibited. After all, she is not just a person, she is also a hole.

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