BrutalMaster – 157 NEW MEAT IN HELL! – Glory Hole Bitch (11.07.21)

This session is, admittedly, a bit of a departure. For one, it shows a slut actually sucking a cock, something we have never done before.

The slut in question we call 157. The reason we call her 157 is because she has fucked 157 people. That is a large number by most standards but what makes it something special is, she was used by all those people starting about 3 years ago, when she realized she is really just a submission cumdump. Factor in that during the pandemic she curtailed her whore activities for about 18 months, and that 157 number is far more meaningful.

Ironically, that number is already out-of-date because she’s been used by a LOT more people since we named her. But 157 is good, reminds her of what a piece of shit she is when she first came to HELL!

As for her visit, the pig was completely destroyed. Minutes after getting here her udders were wrecked, and she broke down completely, torture and humiliated being forced to admit that she is nothing other than holes to be used.

The additional photos and video for this session were shot at a glory hole, and we will have more of that for you in future episodes.

157 is nothing but a Glory Hole Bitch

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