BrutalMaster – It – Straight Jacket Gimp (09.30.21)

We have already well established It as a gimp. I mean, just look at it. Clearly, gimp.
Used like a gimp, kept as a gimp, tortured as a gimp. It even pisses like a gimp.
But sometimes gimps can be even more fun, and by fun we mean, her agony is more fun for you and others to watch. That is what is happening here with It.
This is a cruel, punishing session for the bitch and we think you are going to love it. To start, the cunt has been in her cage for a while so when she comes out, the first order of business is for her to piss in her bucket — a humiliating ordeal for It.
After that, the real fun begins as she is strapped into a straight jacket, sans tit-coverings leaving her whore-udders out for more abuse. From there the suffering only gets worse for this cunt. It is a Straight Jacket Gimp.

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