Brooke Johnson – A Light Reward

Today, I want to share the final installment from my time back in 2019 with Brooke Johnson. This was filmed from late afternoon to late in the night in Joshua Tree. Unfortunately, I was still getting used to working with the big, new anamorphic camera rig and lost some footage due to mistakes that I made. So the final film is short, but it’s still hot and beautiful.

On our last night in Joshua Tree together, Brooke surrendered to me one more time. She sacrificed her pleasure to me while riding me, gagging on my cock, and taking a very heavy strapping. Most people couldn’t take more than one lash from the heavy rubber strap I used, whereas Brooke took a few dozen lashes. After this, I gave her an orgasmic reward, and we spent a little time gazing at the stars.

So much “porn” ends with a cumshot or a few seconds of staged cuddles. That makes sense: We watch it to get off and then, in the case of some BDSM scenes, perhaps a little longer to settle our conscience. But sex is one of the most powerful forces we know. Few things take us closer to the meaning of it all than sex. So it feels natural and right to end with the stars sometimes.

831 MB | 2048 x 858 | mp4 | 00:20:05