Insex – 2002.07.06 – Corset (Yx)

Cruel BDSM, Breathplay, Caning, Chair, CrotchRope, Device, Electro, Flogging, Frog-Tie, Gag, Hair, Hood, Labia-Clamp, Latex, Mittens, Mr-Pogo, Nipple Clamp, Rope, Saran-Wrap, Spreadeagle, Stocks, Strap, Suspension, Tickling, Tit-Torture, Vibrator, Yx

Face covered with a rubber mask, wrists and ankles restrained in cuffs, yx struggles to wriggle her way out of a wooden doghouse. Rubberized in panties, stockings, and a tightly cinched corset, she is lifted up onto her tiptoes, legs wobbling as she balances precariously on a pair of toe boots. A dildo is shoved between wide-spread legs while a vibrator stimulates her hard, swollen clit.

891 MB | 960 x 720 | mp4 | 00:31:56

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