Vanessa Hillz – self pumping office worker captured

Vanessa Hillz has been trying to pump herself with this handsfree double breast pump for a few days now, but no milk has yet appeared. The young mother is worried that her milk hasn’t come in yet, but maybe she is using the wrong machine? All it does is make her nipples ultra sensitive. Unfortunately, she still has to work at the office, so things are getting very complicated for her. Even more so when she finds herself captured by the farmer, who drags her off to the barn, where she gets cuffed, collared, and gagged. The farmer turns the pump up way higher than Vanessa ever has, hurting her nipples a lot. Still no milk comes out, but the farmer is not worried. She will start producing soon, this farm has bigger and better machines! A pair of tight clover clamps at the end of the session should make it clear to her: she is now a HuCow, and this is her new life. Welcome to the herd, Vanessa!

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