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Okay everyone, this is one of the more wild videos we have presented on this website. This video is in three parts and features Chris from demonstrating his female chastity gear on a number of lovely models. Chris is one of the premier manufactures of male chastity devices and has recently been creating similar gear for females.

As you might imagine, inventing gear for females is a bit tricky because their genitalia is more inside than outside. So, a lot of thought and effort goes into creating medical-grade stainless steel pieces for this application.

The chastity devices that Chris creates for men and women are nothing less than beautiful. They are referred to as ‘jewelry’ and ‘works of art’ by his clients, and I’m looking forward to the day that his pieces are displayed in a New York museum.

In this video Chris applies his various chastity pieces to his models. Extreme close-up shots highlight how each piece is applied and locked on to each model. Ten people participate in this video which was shot over the span of two days. Towards the end of the second day things got a little wild and a labia tug-o-war was held between two of the models. Humor and wise-cracks were abound, and fun was had by all. This is a sexually explicit and highly unique video which you aren’t going to see every day.

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