SexAndSubmission – Unchained Anal – Liz Jordan and Tommy Pistol (06.21.24)

Somewhere in the middle of some dessert, Tommy Pistol keeps a naked Liz Jordan in a doghouse. With a chain locked around her waist, she eats his food scraps and sleeps outside. Tommy lures her out of the tiny pen, sprays her down with a hose, and brings her into his trailer also know as ‘The Love Shack’. Once inside, Tommy takes some time exploring Liz’s mouth with his hands, and then with his cock. He face-fucks his clean pet back into a sloppy mess. Tommy ties Liz’s arms up with rope, bends her over a table, and fingers her asshole. After that he stuffs his cock inside her tight ass and fucks her deep, hard, and fast, and she begs for permission to cum. With his cock buried deep in her asshole, Tommy puts his leg on the table and makes Liz lick his dirty boot while he fucks her ferociously. Tommy ties Liz’s hands behind her back, lays her down prone on his bed, and continues fucking only her ass. After more anal drilling, Tommy gets into a 69 position and uses Liz’s thighs to choke himself while he face-fucks her. One last furious ass fucking and Tommy can’t contain himself and blows his load.

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