SexAndSubmission – Casey Calvert – Who Sent You? (05.26.23)

Casey has watched Christian slowly take over the community with violence and illegal activity. He is one of the top-ranking gangsters and runs an operation that the cops just don’t seem to pay attention to. Casey takes matters into her own hands and wants to get proof of his wrong doings, with hope that the cops will do something. Unfortunately for Casey, she gets caught snooping around Christian’s warehouse. She is bound to a chair with tight rope bondage, and a leather hood over her head as Christian interrogates her. Casey is not giving up information as he expected, so he has to turn to more persuasive tactics. Casey’s clothes are ripped from her body and is made to do unspeakable sexual acts as Christian fights to get answers. First he throat fucks her, torments her, then moves to a more helpless position. Casey begs him to stop, but Christian fucks her mouth, pussy, and ass in multiple bondage positions to get the answers he wants. He torments her all day, but Casey refuses to say anything, so he continues to fuck her ass for fun since she wants to play games. Casey may not give up any answers, but she had no choice but to give up all of her holes.

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