Sandra Silvers and Caroline Pierce – Sandra Tilt Chair Orgasms

Sandra had been strapped down to a medical exam chair, custom built for the occasion, wearing only her satin slip, tan stockings over pantyhose, and white heels that match the giant ballgag stretching her jaw. She hears the click of heels as her Doctor approaches… The sexy surgeon – lab coat hanging open over green girdle and stockings – struts in to attend to her securely strapped, stunning, silver haired MILF. The plan for today’s experimental treatments includes ticklish toes raised temptingly into the air on the bondage tilt chair, for nylon toe sniffing foot worship, Caroline cutting into and ripping off Sandra’s stockings to bare her ticklish toes. Straddling the strapped up MILF Dr Caroline sits her fine ass on top of Sandra’s massive breasts to get a better view of pantyhose-d pussy as she cuts the crotch away. Ripping off her own stockings the Doctor then gathers all discarded pantyhose pieces to replace the huge ballgag with, stuffing the sweaty worn fabric into her mouth and taping it in place. Next treatment for her patient – the powerful Hitachi wand as strong in vibration as the steel securing it in place – pressed onto naked clit. The orgasms are fast and exhausting; Sandra is left panting into her nylon gag, as Caroline leaves her to gather her strength… for the next ordeal!

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