Rebel Rhyder – As In a Game of Ball (Filth Studies IV) (07.14.23)

Just when you thought Rebel’s Filth Studies series couldn’t get better, we present part IV–a 2-hour 20-minute nonstop extreme, twisted epic. After exploring both visual art and the pure feeling of its absence together, Rebel and Dr. Mercies decide it’s all just a game. So Dr. Mercies turns rebel into a ball with which he can play. First, she does enema somersaults all over the room, slurping up her spillage. Then she plays paddle ball with her ass… spins her asshole on the doctor’s cane… and bounces through the air in a high G-force 3-dimensional ass-fucking impact-play extravaganza. It was epic, rough, real, and both Rebel and Dr. Mercies got off twice from it all.

1.56 GB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 02:19:30

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