RealTimeBondage – 922 – Tough Girl 1 (10.06.22)

Within the first few moments of 922’s Live Feed, she claims to enjoy being a submissive. Yet it’s obvious that she’s a handful, saucy as hell. As she’s faced with breath restriction, strangulation, electricity, and one mother of a cane, her demeanor tips back and forth. Which side will win out?

She begins by putting herself into bondage, locking metal cuffs around her neck, ankles, and wrists so that she is in a hogtie. Her short skirt has hiked up, showing nice tight ass cheeks. He bags her head. Can it be that she is so quickly dampened? She begs for him to take it off. For that, she must wriggle across the floor and show off her pussy. The bag steams, collapsing onto her face. Her fresh pussy appears not yet interested, still retracted, a few thin strips of flesh.

The bag is removed and taped into her mouth. She undresses while still in handcuffs. Her wry smile returns. She wallows in displaying her opened ass to the camera. Her cunt is fleshy from this view, the inner lips creased, loose, as though recently fucked. As her elbows are tied together, her labia dangle toward the floor. With her elbows bound and her hands free, she displays her breasts and squeezes her nipples for her audience.

A spider gag has been tied in her mouth. She has been tied into another hogtie. A hoist hooks onto the center of the tie and suspends her. She moans and drools, her back in a deep arch. After pulling on her nipples, she is set down onto her knees. A strap tightens about her neck. The pulley is used to keep her on her knees. Her head angles to the side from the upward tension on her neck. A vibrator purrs against her pussy. The hoist is tightened violently. She gurgles as she’s throttled, her neck distended. After a couple repeats, he lies her on her stomach. She thanks him, only somewhat cowed.

Coat hanger wire is used, wiring her toes wired together. Her wrists are wired also. She is locked into a metal frame. It outlines her body, with metal rungs surrounding her neck, chest, and waist. Metal holds her thighs apart but the bottoms of her feet are held flat together. A metal dildo is locked inside of her. She is immobilized. She looks to be in some form of tantric metal nightmare. A single tail is used on her nipples and pussy. She cries out, but can’t move. When she’s vibrated again, she says it tickles, and she gets that saucy grin.

After being removed from this confinement, her arms are bound behind her back and she’s tied onto a chair. The Insex strangulation collar is strapped in place. Her cunt drools onto the chair seat. A hoist pulls on the collar, raising her off the chair a mere inch, no more than that. A hefty batch of tacks are spread beneath her cunt, thighs, and ass. She’s slowly strangling, looking green. She is lowered. He sits on her thighs, pressing her onto the tacks. When she’s lifted by the neck again, the tacks are imbedded in her flesh. The same is done to her feet. She screams. Smears of blood cover her feet.

She stands and smokes a cigarette, her arms still bound behind her. He makes her eat the ash. This is a rare moment, her face showing her strong dislike. Her submissiveness is sorely tested. She is strapped spread eagle onto a metal grid. Electrodes are attached to nipples and cunt. She is sprayed with water and shocked. She screams and curses. Then the questions start. The shocks come, capricious, devilish. She is made to ask to be shocked. Ah. Yes, 922 is tough. She likes to show she can take it. But to ask. It seems a new edge for her. By the end, she’s crying, her face having dropped one of its masks.

The caning begins. She is strapped bent over, her neck strapped down, her ass protruding. The first cane is thin, sending waves of pain through her body. She is soon in tears. Yet her ability to assimilate the waves of pain is marvelous to watch. A heavier cane is shown and she’s made to kiss it. He dubs it the 922, giving her repeated savage whacks. As she breathes through the mounting pain, her sounds become sexual, orgasmic. A truly heavy cane is displayed to her. Each hit contains not just slap, but also thud. She looks undone, her nose running. Yet at the end, her sauciness returns, though mingled with something more true, deeply genuine. Perhaps this is what she likes, to have her masks stripped off. Something real comes through.

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