RealTimeBondage – 822 – Waxing (03.03.23)

Exclusive live feed footage of the high-strung 822 in full attitude. Whatever PD wants, she resists, fighting him to the end. Sulky and hot, she whimpers and whines but takes it all because, what can she do while wrapped in all that rope? Clothespins bite into her breasts and nipples. Her virgin ass takes a plug. Add to that a caning, hot wax, a single-tail, and breath play. Her toughest test of all is her apology at the end, though anger simmers in 822’s eyes. She’s one pissy bitch.

822 lies on the floor with black tape over her eyes, gagged, her arms bound behind her back, and feet tied to a metal ring in the floor. She’s wearing silver spiked platforms, lace thigh highs, and a tight dress pulled up to show her underwear. She’s made to sit up. A nose hook pulls her head backward. A dental gag forces her mouth open. The tape is pulled off her eyes and a mirror brought before her. Bratty to the core, she refuses to look at herself, taunting PD.

He binds her thighs to her shoulders and plunges a dildo in her mouth, then her cunt, inflating it. She’s forced to say, “I am a pig.” Off come her shoes. The hose are torn at her feet. Clamps on her nipples are attached to her toes, then each toe wrapped. Clothespins go on earlobes, toes, breasts and nipples.

Now standing, drool wets her chin. A crotch rope holds her up on her toes. Her neck is tied to her knees. It’s her first experience in ass play, and she gets a plug up that hole, strapped in place. Her breasts are wrapped and her nipples lubed. After the first tube is suctioned on a nipple, 822 becomes the bitch from hell. Her eyes burn with hatred. One leg is hoisted up. After throwing a tantrum, she’s gagged. Both of her nipples end up suctioned even after all the fuss.

She’s laid on the floor, one thigh tied to her shoulder, the other one pulled up into the air. Red wax streams over her inner thigh and nipple. The cane comes out, targeting her foot, calve, ass, backs of thighs, breasts, and nipples. A single-tail nips at her.

Tied to a chair, a plastic bag goes over her head. When her pussy is caned, she goes hysterical, gasping for air when the bag is loosened. A vibrator goes at her clit. The bag goes over her head again, but she is soon too hard to handle. So 822 is bent over a rail, her legs spread, and her wrists tied to her ankles. A flogging begins. Slowly, word by word, she’s made to apologize to everyone for her attitude. She sits quietly at the end, though it’s very clear she’s not at all sorry.

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