RealTimeBondage – 412 – Live 1 (12.06.21)

As she crossed the road her eyes glowed like a deer in head lights. Now she is facing 250 members with her debutante Live Feed.

We started with a ritual she was intently aware of. She would apply makeup in the opening scene. She sat in a “chair” that was freshly designed and built of steel. Its construction would permit many adaptations from recliners to racks.

Attachments permitted 412’s ankles to be shackled and her wrist and neck tethered with chains. As a prelude to what shall come she was naked but for a diaper.

The handler “PD”, sat at his Mac book reading and responding to member’s thoughts. The script is based on a pantomime to prepare for a date (a date with 250 suiters). After she finishes her makeup, PD will test a specially designed boot for her left leg.

What follows is a custom built latex rubber neck muzzle fitted to her face, and a steel collar rigidly anchored to the chair back. A flow of water is released from the enema bag that she must swallow.

After approximately a quart is swallowed she is released from the steel chair. She proceeds to strap on a pair of high heel shoes that are extreme in the arch. She then puts on a dress. We finish her off with arms strapped behind her back at the elbows and wrists. A chain is affixed to a specially wide leather collar as a neck tether to keep her from falling. Now she must walk in a circle that the neck halter permits. We are all delighted to watch her wobble and teeter in her sexy heels and dress.

Next, an ingenious metal and wood contraption is wheeled out. This device is the new tinker toy at Insex. It was designed as a mobil and flexible assembly that can be configured in many ways. For this LiveFeed it is a perch that spreads her legs while she “sits” with her junk amply accessible.

Now the design of the collar becomes eminently clear. She cannot open her mouth wide enough to expel the rubber ball lodge behind her teeth.

At last PD can caress her most tender vitals. He has prepared a diabolical method for holding a weighted pail supported by the strength of her kegel muscles. Thus, he carefully slides in the speculum. And from this he attaches the pail.

All is ready now. She is commanded to expel the water she has drank. A strong stream of piss begins. But there is a flaw in the contraction that hangs from her cunt. She cannot aim for the pail and thus her stream splashes onto the floor.

Now we must punish her for her poor toilet control. A light cane is applied to the tenders of her ass and cunt.

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