RealTimeBondage – 411 – 411 Livefeed (INSEX – Remastered) (02.10.23)

Stocks weighing heavily on my neck and shoulders, I dance nervously against the dungeon’s brick wall. Today I am a prisoner in this new place. My first sentence: three hours of torturous anticipation.

Time races by and the real torture begins, starting with a suspension and introduction to the singletail. The crack of the whip is frightening; it stings against my skin. Rope digs into my inner thighs. i’m filled with the new sensations. Screaming, but loving it.

He ties me tightly then, ropes around my arms and ribs. My foot is lifted – I offer it to him. He canes my sole then works up and down both legs. When he unties me, I am purple and striped. This body is mine, I know. But it’s still hard to believe.

The gibbet is built around me, molding my goosebumped flesh. He raises me high in the air and I look down at the world below, feeling so separated from it now. Unforgiving metal digs into my feet and my legs weaken in their position. Closing them is no relief; the thick dildo pushed up into me is brutal. I tremble uncontrollably. When will this end? When he wants it to.

On the ground again, he belts me down to a chair. My rationality abandons me as soon as I hear the forge’s fierce crackling and feel its heat behind me. I am screaming and squeezing the tears back even before the action begins. This is real. Maybe too real. As the hot iron nears my aching feet, I know I have to keep still. Pain is released in long continuous shrieks. I am consumed by my own fear. Then it is over and I’m almost sorry.

Thankfully, Sir Barry works me with his canes. Ass and feet at the same time. He won’t put up with all that noise I make. Quietly I let the tears flow and accept his final blows.

At the show’s end I’m in a state of shock. My body is sore all over, but my mind is flying high. Subspace dissolves around me and I see the studio: the lights, the people, the cameras. And the dungeon is behind me, less foreboding, more familiar. It has absorbed my screams, my agony and pain. And now it waits for the next victim.

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